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America's Grow A Row Food Charity

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Volunteers + Land = Food For Those In Need

Since America's Grow A Row's founding in 2002 by Chip Paillex, it has given away over 1 million pounds of food, and 1,100 volunteers have contributed about 4,000 hours of their time.

By coordinating volunteers, and finding farmers willing to let them plant on unused land, this New Jersey organization is able to create truckloads of food going to food pantries, soup kitchens and food banks.

AGAR is now the proud owner of a 138 acre farm, with 130 acres on the property which can be farmed. Imagine the possibilities and the amount of produce that can be grown and delivered to those desperately in need all across NJ now!

This is a great format to emulate far and wide!

--Bibi Farber