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300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam (5:56)

50 Machines Needed For Life (4:11)

7 Billion Person World (2:58)

A Local Food Movement (8:19)

A new generation (9:28)

Accelerated Crash Course 2014: Chris Martenson (56:24)

African Rice in the Hudson Valley (15:34)

Air B & B: Sharing Economy (12:50)

America's Grow A Row Food Charity (1:09)

Ample Harvest - Grow Food and Share (6:37)

Backyard Blitz (1:33)

Barefoot Grandmothers Install Solar Power (6:39)

Benefits of Intentional Community (4:04)

Berkshares: Local Currency (1:57)

Bicycle Music Festival - San Francisco (6:26)

Bikes, Trees, Cafes? Outrageous Instant Community Transformation in Texas (15:19)

Bright Neighbor (8:35)

Bring Back School Gardens (2:30)

Churches, Schools and Water Tanks: Made of Bottles! (3:01)

Co Housing Explained: What Is A Home? (2:48)

Co- Housing in Fresno (7:57)

"Coffee Transformed My Life"- An Amusing Tale Of Leaving The Rat Race (15:29)

Community Gardens Blossom (2:16)

Community Kitchens (3:38)

Community Living Off The Grid In The Woods in England (9:35)

Community Textile (3:05)

Community Triumphs Over Gas Companies (5:03)

Connecting Backyards and Farmers in Brooklyn (5:25)

Damanhur (5:52)

Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village (3:43)

Danish Co Housing (5:43)

Downtown Gardens Of Detroit (4:11)

Earning Money In The Sharing Economy (4:38)

Eco Entrepreneurship with Marjora Carter (18:30)

Eco Villages Around The World (8:40)

Eco Villages: Neighborhoods Of The Future (11:26)

Egypt's Recycling Community (2:13)

Energy Coop Brings Power To The People (27:59)

Escaping modern civilization (25:17)

Evergreen Cooperative in Cleveland (6:38)

Fallen Fruit (2:01)

Findhorn Eco Village (9:58)

First Nations Organic Food Coop (22:22)

Food Not Lawns (2:01)

Freecycle (4:28)

From Parking Lot Into Permaculture Neighborhood Center (17:54)

Generation Waking Up (9:57)

Give Earth A Hand (1:30)

Greece Turns To Barter and Time Banking (3:24)

Green Co-Op in the South Bronx (5:25)

Green Jobs Revolution in Chicago (7:37)

Guerrilla Gardening For Community (8:22)

Guerrilla Grafters (3:50)

Help Plant 250,000 Trees In Colorado (3:19)

Helping Hands After The Storm (2:42)

How a new viral trend proves humans kindness (1:17)

How To Create Hometown Currency (1:51)

How To Create Your Own Village (5:45)

How To Fight Fracking And Win (6:18)

How To Start A Communiy Garden (4:45)

Illegal Gardeners (3:55)

India's Community Food (2:26)

Island of 100% Renewable Energy (2:39)

Ithaca Hours (10:11)

Japan Aid (1:07)

Kansas City's Urban Farming Guys (5:43)

LandShare & Local Currency (9:12)

Landshare: Connecting Gardeners To Vacant Land (0:48)

Las Vegas Community Garden (6:12)

Leasing Land For New Farms And Farmers (8:50)

Lending Seeds At The Library (9:08)

Local Business Campaigns (3:42)

Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule Part 1 (11:48)

Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule Part 2 (11:47)

Local Currency taking off in DC (2:59)

Local Living Economy: Bellingham, WA (5:19)

Localshare (2:47)

Low Income Homes From Recycled Goods PBS Special Part 1 of 3 (9:29)

Low Income Homes From Recycled Goods PBS Special, Part 2 of 3 (9:50)

Low Income Homes From Recycled Goods PBS Special, Part 3 of 3 (7:36)

LYFT: Take A Ride In The Sharing Economy (2:41)

Marley Family Sustainable Coffee Farm (3:18)

Mayor Bloomberg To Occupy Sandy (2:49)

Mini Guerrilla Gardens of London (2:23)

Mondragon: Spanish Cooperative of 83,000 Employees (5:05)

More Growing Power (2:54)

Moss Graffiti (3:16)

NeighborGoods (1:28)

New Urbanist Co Housing (2:52)

North Dakota: Banking On The Locals (4:45)

Occupy Sandy: Community Organized Relief (1:14)

Occupy Sandy: Getting It Done (8:57)

Occupy Sandy: The Relief That Showed Up When No One Else Did (3:12)

One Young Man's Vision For Global Restoration (10:01)

Open Source Collaboration To The Rescue (7:53)

Organic School Lunch (2:33)

Paper Cranes For Japan (4:25)

Paul Glover's Deep Green Jobs (2:40)

PBS TV: A Victory Garden In Your Front Lawn (4:08)

Plant It Forward: The Starving Artist Project (1:29)

Planting Gardens In A Gang-Ridden Neighborhood (2:59)

Recycling in Russia (3:36)

Redesigning Civilization With Permaculture (1:12:44)

Reducing Food Waste to Reduce Hunger (7:23)

Reskilling Expo (14:12)

Restaurant Policy: Pay What You Like (1:45)

Return to Nature in Russia (3:00)

Rob Hopkins, Transition Towns Founder (17:58)

Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener In South Central LA (10:47)

Samso- The Renewable Energy Island Of Denmark (5:04)

San Francisco On Track To Become (9:06)

Seeking The Good Life In America (14:36)

Senior Co-Housing (5:16)

Sharing Survival Technology (3:34)

Site For Local Deals, Jobs, and Barter Opportunities (2:37)

Sky High Squat In Venezuela (6:59)

Slow Food (4:16)

Slow Money (29.26)

Start Something Together (6:47)

Surfing For Change (4:13)

Sustainability At Occupy New Haven (2:55)

Sustainable family outside LA -- keeping it extra real! (8:06)

Sustainable Flatbush (6:05)

The Crash Course (38:00)

The Declaration of Interdependence (3:50)

The Generous Garden (3:16)

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (53:06)

The Power of Transition Towns (52:41)

The right way to approach international aid (18:02)

The Shareable Future Of Cities (10:14)

The Small Mart Revolution (27:42)

This Is Water (9:23)

Time Banking (4:18)

Top 5 Reasons Urban Farming Is The Most Important Movement Of Our Time (4:00)

Toronto sets local organic farming foundations (5:07)

Town in UK Gone Crazy Growing Food (11:40)

Transition All Over The World (8:24)

Transition in Portland, OR (10:24)

Transition Town Japan (6:21)

Trash & Reclaimed Materials = Affordable Home Ownership? (10:10)

Urban Farming in Detroit (5:56)

Urban Farms Replace Blighted Lots in Baltimore (7:08)

Vandana Shiva on Seed Saving (4:28)

Visions of Transition (6:55)

We Are Built To Be Kind (4:36)

We Are Hard Wired To Share (17:05)

What Is A Time Bank? (6:24)

What Is Collaborative Consumption? (3:26)

What We Can Learn from Hedge Fund Investors (3:26)

WomanShare (10:53)

Young Lawyers Lower the Bar to Sharing Economy (27:11)

Young people show religious tolerance amidst violence (2:44)

Your Coffee Has New Powers (8:41)

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