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From Parking Lot Into Permaculture Neighborhood Center

Radical Transformation in Sebastopol, CA

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You "Do" Less and Less, While More and More Grows

It's hard to believe this magical permaculture food forest used to be an asphalt parking lot 3 years ago. Fruits, vegetables, berries, medicinal and cooking herbs all flourish here in abundance.

Welcome to The Permaculture Neighborhood Center in Sebastapol, CA, where a group called the Permaculture Artisans transformed this space.

Founder and owner Erik Ohlsen proudly describes the vision: "A neighborhood center that can not only support the food and medicine needs of the community, but be a gathering place to learn about how we can take urban lots - asphalted, cemented, pesticide ridden lots - and turn them into edible oases."

The group incorporated soil fertility systems, roof water catchment and other innovative permaculture techniques. They created "water abundance by design", by creating a pond to circulate water and to attract beneficial insects and other creatures to the environment. They have grafted living trees together to create "fences".

Take the tour in this video and pick up a wealth of information on permaculture techniques for how to resurrect abundant plant life from a dead parking lot space. With this design approach, nature takes it's course and each year you "do" less and less, while more and more grows. This video shows us it's possible!

--Bibi Farber

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