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Practical Post Scarcity

The Global Village Construction Set is like a real life size Lego kit for real life survival in a "post scarcity" world.

This is the creation of Marcin Jakubowski, a young farmer/technologist thought about which 50 machines would be needed for life to exist: tractors, bread ovens, circuit makers and the like. He wanted to create open source designs for the most crucial machines -- Do It Yourself versions that anyone can build and maintain at a low cost.

The beauty of it is that after he started it, it has grown and expanded with thousands of people all over the world collaborating online.

The group is called Open Source Ecology, and they publish schematics and industrial videos online. Soon after the launch all kinds of collaborators appeared, contributing to the designs. Their goal is to create a repository of designs so complete that information that fits on a DVD is effectively a civilization starter kit.

"What of everybody were to join together to make the best products, the most robust products through open source that anyone has access to, and therefore we could run an economy in a collaborative way as opposed to a competitive wasteful way?" Jakubowski asks.

This is all about teaching people to build durable machines... and to keep teaching EACH OTHER!

--Bibi Farber

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