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Trash & Reclaimed Materials = Affordable Home Ownership?

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Dan Philips Genius Homesteading Initiative

"85% of everything you see here on this property was either headed for the landfill, or the burn pile, or the salvage." says the eccentric builder Dan Philips.

What an unbelievably unique take on housing and architecture! Dan Philips builds homes that are made from 70-80% recycled material. The creativity he puts to use is as impressive as the tons of materials he saves from the landfill. You will see decorative details made from salad plates, bottles and smashed mirrors. You will see rooftops that look like they are from a wacky children's storybook.

Instead of adhering to conventions of perfectionism within the building trades, Dan Philips instead incorporates these blemishes and organic processes.

This video puts a spotlight on his homesteading initiative, a program to help the working poor attain the dream of home ownership. Hear about his ingenious plan to get people building their own homes with reclaimed materials!

"Every town has a crushing need for affordable housing all across the country. The local establishment says that affordable is $140,000. That's not affordable at all. We need affordable between $20-50,000 for the working poor -- that's affordable."

What a perfect mission: to divert landfill waste while creating sustainable housing for single mothers, artists, and families with low incomes. The houses are energy-efficient, cheap and satisfying to build -- and all wildly creative and FUN.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by The Texas Country Reporter