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John Nicoll

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Tired Of The Old Crusty Consumer Culture?

Localshare is a website that allows you to share goods and services with others in your community. Think of it as creating a massive lending library, organized online, with everyone who also wants to share stuff in your neighborhood.

Everything from tools, to music instruments to camping gear to cookbooks can be listed as gifts, shares, for barter, for sale, or for rent.

This video features the founder of Localshare, John Nicoll, with all the stuff he's sharing himself. He defines it as "$14,000 of value that he is opening up to his friends and neighbors."

He gives a passionate and clear explanation for why we need this NOW!

"Americans throw away 90% of everything they buy within 6 months...(by participating in the Share Economy) you're exercising your power to create a different culture that is fun and sustainable... and you end up receiving so much because there are resources all around you." he says.

From the Localshare website: "A values-based, sustainable culture and economy is slowly, organically, and joyfully being born. Itís rooted in local economics, local food webs, low impact living and integrated local relationships - from your friends and neighbors to local businesses and farms. LocalShare provides tools for the growth and integration of your local culture and economy."

See to sign up!

--Bibi Farber