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Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule Part 2

Taking Our Power Back

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Paradigm Shift Organizing

The Community Rights Movement, as host Janaia Donaldson points out, is one of the most exciting movements of our time. 150 communities in 9 states have passed ordinances that stop corporations from moving in.

This means these communities have been able to stop natural gas fracking, huge factory farms, and other big business.

"We call this Paradigm Shift Organzing because it's not just " Let me convince you why GMO Ag or nuclear power is not safe- it's "Let me convince you that the relationship that you think exists between you and the people of your community and your institutions, be they government or corporate - let me convince you that you're actually in charge of ALL OF THEM" says community rights educator Paul Cienfuegos.

Hear a few inspiring stories here of how people across the United States are taking their power back!

--Bibi Farber

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