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Helping Hands After The Storm

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Need For Help Still Urgent

The Helping Hands of NY Food Pantry is an essential food lifeline for hundreds of residents of the Eastern Catskill region of New York State.

This area was devastated after tropical storms Irene and Lee. Homes, businesses and cropland were destroyed in this and surrounding regions, which had never seen anything on this scale.

National media has not followed up on this story.

Rebuild 123 is an organization that is helping people find, and offer help. This video spotlights The Helping Hands Food Pantry, which donates food to residents in at least 20 towns.

The need for help is still there. Rebuild 123 is a website that tells you exactly how to help.

Linda Blank
Helping Hands of NY Food Pantry
Phoenicia, NY

All needs current as of 10/14/2011:

12 Adjustable Shelving Units
for refrigeration units

2 5-foot Step Ladders

8 16-foot Cargo Straps

6 Snow Shovels

8 4-foot Fluorescent Lights

2 10-foot Rollers
for unloading crates

10 6-foot Folding Tables

2 Umbrellas w/ Stands

3 E-Z up Canopies
red or white

1 Electric Space Heater

12 81/2" x 11" Copy Paper
packages of paper

100 Postage Stamps

20 Sharpie Markers
black and red

2 Staples
standard size boxes

100 Paper Clips

100 Pens
black or blue

10 Gift Card
for purchasing business cards/stationary

25 Lined Writing Pads
standard size

1 Electric Space Heater

1 Laminating Machine
for ID cards

1 Color Copier w/ Ink
5-black Ink, 5-color Ink

1 Computer
with software for graphics and spreadsheets

1 Color Printer w/ ink
1-printer, 5-black ink, 5-color ink

1 Coffee Maker
Bunn, pour-thru

1 Truck
to pick up food - minimum load approx. 7,000lbs

1 Van
to deliver food to home-bound recipients

1 50 amp Service Cable

1 Generator

1 Wet Vac
commercial wet vacuum cleaner

1 12' x 14' Refrigeration Unit

10 pairs Work Gloves
men size XL, woman size Med.

20 boxes Plastic Gloves
for food service

20 Magic Erasers

25 pkgs Mr. Clean

25 pkgs Lysol Wipes

25 pkgs Germ X Hand Wipes

100 rolls Paper Towels

100 rolls Toilet Paper

200 Turkeys
whole turkeys for upcoming Holiday

100 gallons 2% Milk

100 gallons Whole Milk

100 half gallons Half & Half

150 quarts Extra Virgin Olive Oil

200 1-lb pgks Butter

200 jars Jam
strawberry, blueberry, grape

200 1-lb pgks Yellow American Cheese

200 gallons Pulp-Free Orange Juice

--Bibi Farber