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Fair Trade Aligns the Interests of Farmers and the Industry

Even your morning cup of coffee has the power to jump start some good in the world.

Supporting Fair Trade products is a direct way you can vote with your dollars to affect a fair price paid to farmers, and a host of resulting benefits.

Through this system, the farmers are able to sell directly to the market. They earn 3 or 4 times more, but the price to the consumer is only pennies more.

This money ensures the farmers can not only receive a fair price and pay the
workers well, but it sends extra dollars towards community development, scholarships, sustainable farming methods, and environmental protection.

Fair Trade is the fastest growing segment of the coffee market. Retailers and coffee shop owners are reporting sales way past their expectations, as more people prioritize
supporting a more fair and sustainable system.

This video is about Transfair, the organization that oversees the Fair Trade certification process, and provides a great overview.

What a painless way to get your dollars working harder in the right direction. With every cup of coffee, you can be benefiting the ones who deserve it most.

--Bibi Farber