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Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village

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Living and Learning Together

The Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village is an intentional community of about 50 people in North Eastern Missouri, who have dedicated their lives and their living space to sustainability

"We're a group of people who have chosen intentionally to live together to live out a certain shared value" says Tony Sirna, one of the original 6 founders.

They live in structures that are made using natural building methods like straw bale, making use of reclaimed materials. There are solar panels, rain catchment systems, compost and organic gardens where they grow most of their own food.

They also teach these skills and even have an "Eco B&B" on the premises so people can stay in comfort and get a sense of living there.

They offer work exchanges on a variety of projects in natural building, organic gardening and other sustainable living skills.

One very key element of the "Nextworld" way of doing things is at play at the Dancing Rabbit Eco- Village: they make decisions together. Creating a structure around circles instead of a hierarchy of power leads to cooperation.

Ideally, in turn this becomes the foundation for a strong and resilient community.

-- Bibi Farber