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We Need Access - But Not Ownership

We try to make sure that all of the Ted Talks here on NextworldTV are inspiring, fresh and relevant to the changing world.

Personally, this one really stopped me in my tracks and redirected my dormant Sharing Mindset. You see, for months I have been intending to buy, either new or used, both a blender and a food processor. Midway through viewing this video, I decided instead to suggest to my next door neighbors that we co-own these items. If they have them, I will suggest that they let me use them any time in exchange for unlimited access to my rice cooker, slow cooker and juicer.

The point is: the tide is changing. This is not going to be an awkward, possibly embarrassing conversation. Even three years ago I would have thought: this really is going to take VERY forward thinking neighbors...I should explain and even apologize that I just can't buy these things right now, and it feels strange.

In fact, they will be delighted. We already share a grill and garden tools. Turns out I do NOT need to buy these items at all.

Rachel Botsman makes the point that we are tapping into our innate nature when we share. Technology is enabling it at an unprecedented rate. This used to happen face to face in every village and tribe, but now it's a global phenomenon, gaining speed all the time.

Hyper consumption is now being replaced with collaborative consumption. She is on a mission to make sharing cool and hip because she believes it can disrupt outdated modes of business and help us leapfrog over wasteful forms of hyper-consumption and teach us when enough really is enough.

Thank you Rachel! You saved me lots of money...AND counter space!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Ted Talks