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The Generous Garden

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Fresh Organic Produce For Those Who Need It The Most

They grow food and give it away - no questions asked.

In Greenville SC, The Generous Garden is a community garden in the sense that volunteers and community members grow and nurture the garden's herbs and vegetables. But they don't eat the food. All of the organic produce goes to local food banks, shelters and single-parent families.

Bo Cable, founder of The Generous Garden Project had the idea to grow food for the needy in his area on an unused plot of land behind a health food store. He put out the word on Facebook and the volunteers poured in. A generous donor provided two greenhouses.

He saw from volunteering at shelters that most of the vegetables were frozen or canned. This is his generous remedy!

The Generous Garden Project started in April 2011 and in its first year, it grew and distributed 32,000 lbs of produce, the equivalent of over 21,000 meals.

Now the team wants to teach people all over country to do a Generous Garden Project and keep it growing!

--Bibi Farber

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