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Senior Co-Housing

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Fun, Friends: Community!

Hear the members of the Silver Sage Village Community in Boulder, CO speak of why they love the co-housing model so much in their retirement years.

They have a built in set of people who want to do things together. They keep learning from each other. They keep growing. There is social spontaneity.

If I could impart my own opinion on what they are describing, it seems like they have all the fun, interchange and social activity normally more associated with youth and college years than senior living!

And is that why we all idealize and loved our college years? Because community life and communal activity was a given? Because in American society, this "community" is only truly sanctioned in youth? After that, you are supposed to go build your own house on your own plot and put up fences, right?

This is certainly a more joyful and fulfilling environment than a standard senior retirement center. They are having FUN and connecting. What a great way to relax into your senior years, in a community that you share values with.

Resident Jim Leach says: "We were very interested in the co-housing model as a way to live out our values: in community. Living in relationship with the world around us, rather than the American dominant model which is rugged individualism, each family for themselves. We felt this co-operative lifestyle is in keeping with our particular values."

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-- Bibi Farber