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Transition in Portland, OR

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Not Waiting For Leaders

The Transition Town movement, which originated in the UK, is spreading around the world.

In this video we meet David Johnson, who worked closely with Transition Town Handbook founder Rob Hopkins, and Jim Newcomer who is organizing locally in Portland, OR.

What is all this about? How does a town get started?

It begins with the premise that we will have to make do with considerably less cheap fossil fuel energy in the future. The issue is too overwhelming for any one body of government or leadership of any kind to deal with. It is going to require the creativity, input and co-operation of many in the community, and the time to start coordinating efforts is NOW.

"Transition Town" is a flexible framework in which you can bring together what you are already doing and help it to move forward. It's a holistic way of looking at the process: where our food and energy is going to come from" says David Johnson.

In a future only 50-70 years from now - or much sooner -- when oil is no longer plentiful and cheap, Transition Towns offer a new set of tools that any community can use as a framework.

"It's not about waiting for leaders" says David Johnson.

What's taking shape in your area? A Transition group may be forming now.

-- Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Sustainable Today