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Planetwide Youth Call To Action

“We are the middle children of History, coming of age at the crossroads of civilization, a generation rising between an old world dying and a new world being born. We are the ‘make-it or break-it’ generation, the ‘all-or-nothing’ generation, the crucible through which civilization must pass or crash." Joshua Gorman

This quote is from the website of a new movement called Generation Waking Up.

What can be more important than that? It's about young people all over the world uniting, coming together to take bold, systemic action to transform society.

The following is from their site,

"Born approximately between 1978 and 2000, we are the largest, most well-educated, culturally diverse, globally aware, technologically savvy, and socially engaged generation our world has ever seen.

As we wake up to the world we are inheriting, we recognize that we have been born into the most critical moment in history. A convergence of crises – poverty, inequality, economic instability, materialism, climate disruption, and ecological unraveling – are threatening human civilization as a whole. Amidst these widespread challenges, a record number of young people in our generation are being filled with apathy and despair, living out lives that lack meaning, purpose, or direction.

At the very same time, a groundswell of consciousness and social change is emerging within our generation. Young people have always been at the forefront of great movements for social change and never has this been more true than today. From our schools to our communities to the halls of power, we are waking up, standing up, and taking action like never before. Across cultures and generations, we are forming a planet-wide “Movement of movements” including every issue, approach, and sector of society that is remaking our world.

Our generation’s calling is clear: to create a thriving, just, sustainable world that works for all, we must take bold and systemic action to transform our whole society. Generation Waking Up is a response to this call, a campaign created by our generation to rally all that is needed to take this movement to scale.

Now is the time. Let’s make it happen!"

Amen! This is what it's ALL about!

--Bibi Farber

More at their site: