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50 Machines Needed For Life

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Starter Kit For Civilization.

Can industrial productivity can be achieved on a small scale?

Marcin Jakubowski, a young farmer/technologist thought about which 50 machines would be needed for life to exist: tractors, bread ovens, circuit makers and the like.

He wanted to create open source designs for the most crucial machines -- Do It Yourself versions that anyone can build and maintain at a low cost.

He created a group called Open Source Ecology, and published schematics and industrial videos online. Soon all kinds of collaborators appeared, contributing to the designs.

This became the Global Village Construction Set. There are now 8 of the 50 instructions ready to go for machines you can build yourself.

Their goal is to create a repository of designs so complete that a single DVD is effectively a civilization starter kit.

You can now build your own tractor for a fraction of the cost of a conventional one!
Most importantly: you can teach others how to.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Ted Talks