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Town With Future In MInd

At the Wild Sage co- housing development in Boulder, Colorado, the future residents co-ordinated with the town for an 8 year planning period to create an intentional community within a new housing development. There are now a total of 330 homes on 27 acres.

Here is an inspiring example of an intentional co- housing group in effect, jump starting a whole new urbanist community.

This unique development was created with smaller scale neighborhood businesses in mind. The town said NO to a big box store that wanted the site. It now features a diverse array of homes, single family, multi-family, and live/ work studio space for artists and of course, smaller scale neighborhood businesses.

It centers around a 2 acre park owned and maintained by the city, with the community garden right nearby.

Great example of a town planning with it's residents future in mind!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Bullfrog Productions.