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Paul Glover's Deep Green Jobs

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"It's Time To Prepare For The Best!"

Paul Glover, the visionary social entrepreneur and founder of the Ithaca Hours Local Currency system has a new book out. “Deep Green Jobs” introduces an American hundred-year plan, featuring 40,000,000 new jobs Glover says will emerge.

This video gives you a synopsis of the book in less than 3 minutes.

He makes the distinction between "pale green jobs, that merely slow the rate of decline," and "deep green jobs" that he expects will revive natural resources and communities.

“Deep Green Jobs” explains how both rich and poor can prosper by rebuilding our cities, suburbs and farms so they’re "earthquake-proof, tornado-proof, flood-proof, drought-proof, fireproof, meltdown-proof, recession-proof, bank-proof, utility-free; beautiful, safe and easy for travel." he assures us.

He makes the point that there’s plenty of important work for the next five generations of construction workers, teachers, farmers, scientists, and everybody else, regardless of education.

Who is Paul Glover? Have a look at the sections of his website:

Print Your Own Money
Expand Public Services without Raising Taxes
Co-operative Health Care
Preparing Your Community for High Oil Costs
Get What You Need without Dollars
Create Community Food and Fuel Inventories
Start a Community Newsletter Online
Seven Ways to Make Your Community Rich
Ecological Cities: Building the Future Today
Ecological Economics
Getting Media Coverage for Change

Here is his bibliography so far:

Hometown Money : How to enrich your community with local currency.
Health Democracy: Liberating Americans From Medical Insurance
How To Take Power (on community organizing)

He concludes, “Join us. It’s time to prepare for the best.”

WOW! That's the common sense, visionary Nextworld message if there ever was one!

It's available for $4.25 as a PDF download! Here's where to order a copy. Click on the cover of the book at

-Bibi Farber

Paul Glover's website is: