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Coming Together To Cook

This is an idea who's time has come back around again: cooking with others in your community. I was told by a New Yorker of Italian descent that in his youth in Astoria, Queens, all the women on the block would gather for "canning day" around the tomato harvest. They would share the fun and work of turning the tomatoes they grew in the back yard into food for the winter. It was an especially fond memory of his youth, he added.

Sadly, this communal ritual eventually gave way to the ease of buying factory produced jars of spagetti sauce from the supermarket.

But now community kitchens are organizing groups to get together for communal cooking days. The participants get to have social time when cooking. It's much more economical, and they learn healthy recipes. This group is even set up to care for small kids while the cooking is in process.

What a great way to connect: shopping and cooking together, getting new ideas, and walking away with plenty of budget friendly, healthy food to freeze. This is perfect for single people as well those cooking for families.

Plus: it's an ideal environment to meet others who may want to buy organic food in bulk, and of course, support local agriculture.

Start the cooking party!

--Bibi Farber