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Can College Students Solve America's Hunger Crisis? (2:42)

Dr. Oliver Sacks, The Grateful Dead and The Healing Power of Music (3:59)

110 Year Old Man Suggests These 5 Foods (1:42)

14 Year Old Anti-GMO Protester Wins TV Debate (13:25)

14 Year Old Creates Program To Reduce Waste by 50% At School Events (2:26)

A Healthier, Gentler Philosophy Of Success (16:52)

A new generation (9:28)

Adopt A Turkey (1:09)

After Mardi Gras: Where Do The Beads Go? (2:14)

Alternative health under attack (09:34)

Anti Monsanto House Remix: VERY Groovy Video! (3:52)

Bamboo Billboards To Tower Above LA Freeway (1:09)

Bat Rescue: L'il Drac Grows Up (3:46)

Beyond disability (02:14)

Bikes, Trees, Cafes? Outrageous Instant Community Transformation in Texas (15:19)

Caine's Arcade (10:59)

Caine's Arcade 2: The Global Cardboard Challenge & Imagination Foundation (8:21)

Can autism be cured? (1:08:10)

Carl Sagan: The Pale Blue Dot (3:46)

Charlie Chaplin: The Greatest Speech Ever Made (3:38)

"Coffee Transformed My Life"- An Amusing Tale Of Leaving The Rat Race (15:29)

Collapse: Film About Michael Ruppert (1:20: 45)

College: The good and the bad (08:50)

Create Change Through Small Acts of Kindness (4:03)

Crowd Funded Bee Repopulation Project (2:48)

Disposability Consciousness (5:32)

Donate Used Car To Help Animals (0:31)

Earth - Our Beautiful Planet (3:03)

Ellen Degeneres On Farm Sanctuary (0:49)

Fantastic Fungi (2:25)

Fighting for our kids (14:38)

Findhorn Eco Village (9:58)

Fountain of Youth Revealed: 72 year old looks 40 (4:16)

Gene Bauer: Changing Hearts And Minds About Animals And Food (56:34)

George Carlin Talks About "Stuff" (5:09)

George Carlin: The American Dream (3:48)

Goat Too Depressed To Eat Until Reunited With Best Friend (3:12)

Gratitude (6:10)

Guerrilla Gardening For Community (8:22)

Happy New Year! Stunning Penguin Footage (4:41)

Healing in a most unexpected place (28:39)

Healing our sick culture (30:00)

Help Plant 250,000 Trees In Colorado (3:19)

Hitchcock's Definition of Happiness (1:23)

Honoring our roots (01:07:21)

House Made Of Money (1:45)

How To Build A Bookshelf From Used Chopsticks (1:07)

How to Find and Do Work You Love: Scott Dinsmore (17:57)

How To Save Any Marriage At Any Stage Of Divorce, Without Struggle (6:32)

How to solve the energy crisis (00:35)

How Whales Benefit Fish - And The Planet (4:51)

Humpback Whale Shows AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets (8:20)

I Met The Walrus: John Lennon's Message of Peace (5:15)

If you're diagnosed with cancer... (39:10)

"In A Gift Economy,The More You Give, The Richer You Are" (3:07)

Israel and Iran: A Love Story (14:58)

Kids 4 Peace: Interfaith Love and Forgiveness (4:58)

Kindness Sets Serotonin In Motion (9:21)

Living Without Money For 12 Years (3:35)

Living Without Plastic: Can We Do It? (11:55)

Man Celebrates Birthday Giving Away Money On The Street (1:48)

Marianne Williamson at March Against Monsanto (19:55)

Meet the millenials (07:15)

Meet Vandana Shiva (22:35)

Mini Guerrilla Gardens of London (2:23)

Moss Graffiti (3:16)

Musicians On Call (3:52)

Native seed savers (24:35)

Negative emotions and how to heal them (27:55)

Nelson Mandela's Life Story, In Tribute (13:43)

Nobel prize winner speaks out (32:21)

Occupy Sandy: Community Organized Relief (1:14)

Occupy Sandy: Getting It Done (8:57)

One Minute Meditation (5:35)

Orchestra Plays Instruments Made From Recycled Trash (11:45)

Path Of Freedom: Meditation In Prison (9:41)

Pete Seeger Performs "Garbage" (4:30)

Planting Gardens In A Gang-Ridden Neighborhood (2:59)

Pope Francis Praises Dumpster Divers (0:49)

Re-membering our past for our future (15:38)

Reskilling Expo (14:12)

Retrash: Kickstarting The Book (2:50)

Retrash: The Book (3:00)

Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener In South Central LA (10:47)

Saving 2,000 Lives One Well at a Time (9:25)

Scuba Diving In Bali: Astounding Footage (5:45)

Secret Footage: Humans Can Do Anything With Their Minds If They Meditate, Even Start a Fire (9:52)

Sell Your Stuff. Pay Your Debt. (19:20)

Slow Life: Coral Reef In Action (3:38)

Solar Studio (2:47)

Spectacular Upcycling Ideas (9:51)

Star Trek's Captain Picard Promotes a Resource Based Economy (1:09)

Stephen Ritz: A Teacher Growing Green In The South Bronx (13:43)

Strandbeests (2:38)

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas (2:24)

Teenage Inventor Prodigy From Sierra Leone (10:06)

Teens Walk a Mile in Malawi's Shoes ( 3:19)

The Artistry Of Upcycling (2:48)

"The Cure Is...." (2:47)

The Declaration of Interdependence (3:50)

The Gift: Inspiring Short Film On A Seed Farmer (3:21)

The global food system (03:31)

The Greenest School (3:03)

The Harmonica Man (3:03)

The Hidden Beauty Of Pollination (7:41)

The mosque and the synagogue (06:44)

The most censored politician in America (13:01)

The natural rules of nutrition (14:14)

The Organic Garden At San Quentin State Prison (4:00)

The Power Of Listening: An Ancient Practice For Our Future (17:03)

The Real Next World: Scientific Evidence That We Do Not Die (4:25)

The REAL Reason To Get Rid Of Clutter (6:20)

The Sharing Experiment (1:41)

The Story Of Change (6:29)

This Is Water (9:23)

Toxic load and other predisposition to disease (00:00)

We Are All One (9:54)

What Would Jesus Buy? Full Film (1:31:08)

Whimsical Amazing Natural Buildings (10:00)

Why We Procrastinate (9:51)

Woman Surviving 70 Years In The Siberian Wilderness (35:44)

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