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14 Year Old Anti-GMO Protester Wins TV Debate

With Kevin O'Leary, Canadian Television


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Study Her Exquisite Response

Hooray for Rachel Parent, the 14 year old who stood up to Canadian TV personality Kevin O'Leary in the CBC show "The Lang and O'Leary Exchange".

He tried mightily to intimidate the teen, who is passionate about raising awareness about GMO's. But she knew her facts, stood by her convictions and she wasn't having it!

Not only is this an educational clip, because Rachel Parent knows what she's talking about when it comes to GMO health issues, political issues and labeling, but it's worth studying to see what to expect when speaking with someone from the pro Monsanto side.

"Are you against science?" chides O'Leary. "Are you a lobbyist for the Anti GMO movement? Do you even know what a lobbyist is?" He went on to accuse her of not being open to exploring solutions to world hunger and malnutrition.

His arrogance is deeply offensive. But her conviction, grace and composure in response are truly breathtaking!

Go Rachel!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by CBC's The Lang and O'Leary Exchange