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Collapse: Film About Michael Ruppert

Feb. 3, 1951- April 13. 2014

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Dared To Speak The Truth

It was a shock to learn that Michael Ruppert killed himself on April 13th of 2014.

He is one of the people who profoundly influenced me personally. His insights and message about the world at this juncture have just kept resonating and penetrating.

His message was dark, and not always suited to the upbeat, positive tone of the videos often broadcast on Nextworldtv. He is one of the people who dares to speak the ugly truth, and when I listened, I learned so much.

Michael Ruppert dedicated his life to exposing corruption and wrongdoing as an ex-LAPD narcotics officer and whistle-blower. But he had bigger fish to fry than government sanctioned narcotics dealing. He raised awareness about Peak Oil, 9/11 Truth, the destruction of the planet, geopolitics, the ponzi scheme economy and anything else that needs a spotlight shone on it, where most people are not willing to elucidate.

"He was loved and respected and his tenacity was daunting. His work was hard, his victories hard-fought, his lessons life changing." says Cheri Speak who has assembled information about his life and passing here:

You may not agree with his conclusions on these issues. I hope however, that you are inspired by his passion, integrity and courage to bring these issues out in the open where they belong.

"Collapse" is a documentary film exploring the theories, writing and life story of Michael Ruppert.

--Bibi Farber

This film was directed by Chris Smith.

For more information about Michael Ruppert, please copy and paste this link: