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Caine's Arcade 2: The Global Cardboard Challenge & Imagination Foundation

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Explosion of Imagination

Filmmaker Nirvan Mullick was just going to buy a door handle for his car one day when he came across an elaborate arcade, made of cardboard, that a 9 year old boy named Caine had built in his father's auto parts store.

He bought a "fun pass" and played all the games, went home and decided to put together a short film about this inspiring kid.

The video went viral. The following Saturday there was a 4 hour line around the block in East LA to play at Caine's Arcade.

So Mullick decided to use the momentum to raise money for Caine's scholarship fund. He was hoping for $25,000... but in ONE night they raised over $100,000!

It's now way beyond Caine's scholarship fund. It's become the Imagination Foundation, and they are already implementing programs in schools to foster and fund creative inventions of kids.

This story started a worldwide explosion of cardboard creativity! Enjoy the display of crazy and imaginative inventions kids came up with after seeing Caine's Arcade.

It's a modern day fairy tale, and we posted the original video here:

Have FUN!

--Bibi Farber

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