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Meet Vandana Shiva

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"We Can Take It To Another Place"

Here's a more personal interview with author and activist Vandana Shiva. She is known for speaking out against GMO foods and works tirelessly to promote biodiversity and seed saving. The international organization she founded, Navdanya, is a network of seed keepers and organic producers spread across 16 states in India.

In this interview with Canadian TV host George Stromboulopoulos, we get some insight into her unique background with quantum physics: how it propels and informs her work and her philosophical direction.

She shares here: "The training in quantum theory taught me what is wrong with reductionism but my training in physics taught me what mechanical thought is all about and to be able to put the 2 together. The second part of quantum theory is the whole recognition that there is no determinate, intrinsic quantity in anything. Everything is evolving, in potential, in transition and it's uncertain where it will be. I think the reason I am such an optimist in the middle of terrible collapse, disaster everywhere is because I know there's no linear guarantee that it's going to continue that way. If we do a little more, if we think a little differently we are more engaged as citizens with responsibilities, we can take it to another place."

Go Vandana!

--Bibi Farber

This video is a segment of the George Stromboulopoulos Tonight