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The mosque and the synagogue

An old tradition revived

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This is natural, so what's the problem?

Millions are spent every year to demonize Muslims.

Which is why you will never hear this story:

Bronx mosque shares its space with an elderly Jewish congregation that could not longer afford to maintain its synagogue.

Peaceful coexistence between Jews and Muslims has a long history,

Jews flourished under Muslim rule in places like Spain, Morocco, North African in general and various parts of the Middle East.

While Europe was in its Dark Ages and Jews were reviled there, Muslims in Spain during the same period worked side by side with Jews in developing literature, science and art.

Together, they translated classical Greek texts into Arabic. This task later helped Europe move out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance.

Jews flourished under Muslim rule in Egypt as well, where they achieved very high positions in government.

So what happened?

The forced expulsion of Palestinians from their land by practitioners of a radical sect of Judaism that states it's acceptable to take the homes and land of other with violence and operate a racist apartheid state.

A 20th century innovation...subsidized by the U.S.