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14 Year Old Creates Program To Reduce Waste by 50% At School Events

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The Green Events Program

It bothered 14 year-old Tomas Lang to see how much was wasted when school events would resort to plastic plates and utensils.

So he launched a "library" for event organizers to borrow these materials instead! The real thing, that can be washed and reused: ceramic and stainless steel.

In the event mentioned here, a Breakfast With Santa, the school reduced trash by 25 lbs!

"The Green Events Program" that he established also teaches organizers how to set up a waste management system to properly sort waste. Tomas hopes the program will be adopted by other schools so that all school events can become more sustainable.

"Sustainability is easy" he says. As long as we have those steps to set it up, it's super easy, really convenient. It's actually in the end more convenient than buying the disposables that we're leaning to today."

Great work Tomas! This is as important as your schoolwork, any day!

--Bibi Farber

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