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Create Change Through Small Acts of Kindness

Amy Krause Rosenthal

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What constitutes a life worth being remembered?

This is the question Amy Krause Rosenthal poses to the viewer. Her answer? Kindness. Rosenthal goes on to explain how awareness and respect for those around us combined with small acts of humanity can create real change.

Our lives can be hectic; we get bogged down in day to day details, caught up in the cycle of obtaining and maintaining "Success". Rosenthal tells us it is not our successes or failures that define us in the end. In our society we tend to think big, feeling that Kindness with a capital "K" takes a grandiose event. That form of kindness is excellent and necessary, but sometimes we lose sight of the fact that kindness can be cultivated in daily life as well. It is this repetition of bringing positivity into the world through acts of respect, humanity, and kindness that will be remembered.

Supported by the captivating animation of Thought Cafe "a non-profit motion graphic studio that promotes critical awareness" and ideas from Born to Be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life by Dacher Keltner, Amy Krause Rosenthal stops us in our tracks to consider the question, "How do you want to be remembered?"

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