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Kindness Sets Serotonin In Motion

Wayne Dyer

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Being Kind To Others Is Being Kind To You

Serotonin is the enzyme that makes us feel good. It's what anti-depressants stimulate, a feeling of well being.

When you are the recipient of kindness, your serotonin levels go up. Studies show that when you do something good for others, serotonin levels go up just as much.

Not only that: the levels go up when you so much as witness act of kindness!

"We are like a container Just let more divinity, more service, more living the virtues fill you. As you fill yourself with this rather than the ego and "What's in it for me?"and "What can I get?" the false self vanishes. The ego goes away and the divine grows within you." says Dr. Dyer.

So, every day is a great day to practice random acts of kindness, as much for yourself as for the beneficiary of your kindness.

--Bibi Farber

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