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Stephen Ritz: A Teacher Growing Green In The South Bronx

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The Greenest Class In America

His rapid fire delivery, high energy and enthusiasm is off the charts. New York City is extremely blessed to have this man teaching in the school system, inspiring young people in the Bronx to grow real food, and create jobs in the process.

In Stephen Ritz's class in the Bronx, edible greens are growing up the wall, the kids are teaching each other to grow food on rooftops, and even serving the cafeteria and selling to the community.

He is making a radical difference in the minds, the diets, the hearts and the job prospects for kids from the poorest congressional district in America.

"Behold the glory and bounty from Bronx County" Ritz proudly proclaims as he tells of us the 25,000 lbs of vegetables he is responsible for seeding.

This is one of the most passionate presentations on Nextworldtv, an example of truly planting the seeds of hope! Spread the word!

--Bibi Farber

For more on the amazing work being done by Stephen Ritz and his students, see

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