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The Harmonica Man

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Medical and Musical Miracle

At age 71, after 9 heart surgeries, Andy Mackie threw away his 15 medications and figured he would only live a few more months. He couldn't take the side effects of the drugs anymore and wanted to do something special with whatever time he had left.

He used the money he would have spent on prescriptions to give away 300 harmonicas - with lessons!

When he didn't die the next month he bought a few hundred more, and kept teaching kids to play!

In 2009 he had lived 11 more years and bought 16,000 harmonicas, still giving lessons and making string instruments as well.

Andy Mackie died on November 5, 2011. RIP Andy. What a tremendous person and a beautiful spirit! If you would like to support his legacy and work, visit:

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by CBS News