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"Coffee Transformed My Life"- An Amusing Tale Of Leaving The Rat Race

Brad Butler and Bicycle Coffee

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Always "Pays More" To Do What You Love

Brad Butler has an amusing and inspiring tale to tell about abruptly leaving the rat race and finding his right livelihood.

In 2009, he quit his job selling mortgage loans, working in a windowless cubicle 11 hours a day and took off with his 3 cousins through the jungles of Panama. They were looking to reconnect with something...some kind of dream, some kind of meaningful path, a new life. But they didn't know exactly what. They went all through South America on a trek lasting 9 months.

They discovered cooperative coffee farming, on a sustainable family farm in Boquete, Mexico. It was ecological paradise.

They realized this was the business model that really made their hearts pound: bringing back the coffee from this unique community to the States. They brought back beans that they roasted themselves, and delivered them on bicycles throughout San Francisco.

Today, Bicycle Coffee delivers their fresh roasted beans to more than 250 businesses in the Bay Area. Most of all, Brad Butlers message is that no matter what your earnings are, it always pays more to do what you love!

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--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Ted Talks