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Why On Earth Grow Grass Instead Of Food?

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Take Back Taxpayers Space

Rob Avis, a guerilla gardener in Canada, believes that we should be planting food in communal spaces behind the backs of the authorities. Food scarcity is a man made concept he explains. We can be growing food anywhere there are now wasteful lawns.

He feels that we should be taking back the space that we as taxpayers are paying to have maintained, but that we're not getting any use out of.

That is exactly right! We are paying to have useless grass maintained, wasting water, using fertilizers and pesticides when organic food could be growing there that feeds the community!

He makes the point that we are growing 45 million acres of wheat in the US...and 40 million acres of useless grass!

Why not grow food instead?

Avis lays out his philosophy for the first few minutes, then shows us how to plant an apple tree on public property, with some tips for a successful start for the young trees.

--Bibi Farber

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