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Help Plant 250,000 Trees In Colorado

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Planting Trees And Harvesting Hope

The video is standard news footage from June 27th 2012 about the raging wildfires in Colorado, and the reason for this post is to raise awareness about an organization that is already hard at work, raising funds to replant the devastated areas.

This comes to Nextworldtv from Mark Beard, who is actively working with the organization, HRD Cares. They are behind the High Park Fire Restoration and Reforestation Project.

He writes: We are planting trees and harvesting hope!! Colorado is suffering through what is becoming the LARGEST fire in its history!! This stubborn High Park Fire has cost $29.6 million to fight since it was started June 9 by a lightning strike. It continues to scorch the mountains west of Fort Collins, with 83,205 acres burned and 248 home destroyed. One person has died in the fire.

Our goal is to help plant 250,000 trees!

With a minimum donation of only $5.00 you can help plant a tree, with portions of the proceeds going to help the Colorado Chapter of The American Red Cross Disaster relief fund and Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department.

To donate, sponsor us or to learn more please go to