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Dr. Oliver Sacks, The Grateful Dead and The Healing Power of Music (3:59)

10 Plants That Improve Indoor Air Quality (4:02)

10 Suppressed Inventions (2:46)

2012 Prophecies, History Channel Documentary (1:30:54)

32 Bizarre Almost- Free Decorating and Furnishing Ideas (4:36)

A carefully engineered public health catastrophe ( 39:44)

A conference Big Pharma hates (34:01)

A future without money? (04:14)

A Healthier, Gentler Philosophy Of Success (16:52)

A hero of epic proportions (10:47)

"A Manifesto for Social Progress: Ideas for a Better Society" (02:36)

A Rich Life With Less Stuff (14:57)

A slow motion plague (49:53)

A source of safe building materials (01:58)

Addicted To Your Smartphone? (21:24)

Affluenza (56:04)

Allan Savory: How To Green The World's Deserts (22:20)

Alternative Health Under Attack (01:21:41)

Alternative to CoVid-19 hysteria (12:39)

America's First Tiny House Hotel (11:46)

An American Homestead: Online Reality TV Series (17:47)

An Evil Empire: Child Protective Services (39:15)

Apartment With An Indoor Vertical Garden (3:29)

Bamboo Billboards To Tower Above LA Freeway (1:09)

Bibi Farber Song: Your Sweet Time (4:00)

Books for 2017 (14:25)

Bottle Craft For Holidays (8:16)

Burning down the seed libraries (17:41)

Candle Powered Space Heater (2:59)

Carl Sagan: The Pale Blue Dot (3:46)

Charlie Chaplin: The Greatest Speech Ever Made (3:38)

Collapse: Film About Michael Ruppert (1:20: 45)

College: The good and the bad (08:50)

"CoVid-19 is a once is a century evidence fiasco" (01:02:46)

Create Change Through Small Acts of Kindness (4:03)

Crowd Funded Bee Repopulation Project (2:48)

Democracy for the 21st century: "We don't have to wait" (7:20)

Detroit: The Once And Future City (4:40)

Do Trees Communicate? (4:41)

Dr. Andrew Wakefield speaks (22:48)

Earth - Our Beautiful Planet (3:03)

Eco Burial: Rest In Peace Without Toxins (4:46)

Embracing Work and Life As One Thing (17:24)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Cures Emotional and Physical Diseases in Minutes (7:00)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Cures Emotional and Physical Diseases in Minutes (7:00)

Enough Is Enough (18:35)

Extraordinary Home Made House, Garden And More (7:03)

Fake news about a plague (24:41)

Fantastic Fungi (2:25)

FDA Approves Electric Assault As ADHD Treatment (42:44)

Finally, a US medical conference on EMF exposure (20:41)

Fountain of Youth Revealed: 72 year old looks 40 (4:16)

Free Online University Courses (11:00)

Freud the Fraud (55:21)

George Carlin On The Environment (7:39)

George Carlin Talks About "Stuff" (5:09)

George Carlin: The American Dream (3:48)

Gift Idea For The Animal Lover Who Has Everything (1:04)

Government attacks family with autistic children (14:58)

Gratitude (6:10)

Green Eileen Fisher (2:40)

Hanging String Garden (1:28)

Happy New Year! Stunning Penguin Footage (4:41)

Healthy living with hydrogen peroxide (07:59)

House Concerts (2:10)

How corporations lie to us (07:10)

How did this happen? (41:30)

How DuPont, 3M and other corporations abuse the public (11:58)

How To Create Your Own Village (5:45)

How to Find and Do Work You Love: Scott Dinsmore (17:57)

How To Make A Floating Island (3:03)

How To Recover Gold From Scrap Metal (7:45)

How To Save Any Marriage At Any Stage Of Divorce, Without Struggle (6:32)

HPV Vaccine - A Dangerous Fraud (13:21)

Humpback Whale Shows AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets (8:20)

I Met The Walrus: John Lennon's Message of Peace (5:15)

Imagine There's No Fracking (7:07)

"In A Gift Economy,The More You Give, The Richer You Are" (3:07)

Inside Of Google (45:09)

Israel and Iran: A Love Story (14:58)

Jared Diamond: Thoughts on Managing Change (11:16)

Kindness Sets Serotonin In Motion (9:21)

Living Without Money For 12 Years (3:35)

Mainstream Media Is Dead (10:24)

Make a Festive Wreath Out Of An Old Book (3:20)

Making masks (17:21)

Man - A Most Profound And Creepy Animation (3:35)

Mass censorship of health info online (9:05)

Massive corruption in medicine (02:19)

Media attacks on families with autistic children (01:15:24)

Medical Martial Law (21:10)

Michael Pollan Discusses Colony Collapse Disorder (2:47)

Michael Pollan: A Plant's Eye View (17:32)

Mini Guerrilla Gardens of London (2:23)

Monkey Cares More Than People: Turns Off Water Tap (0:35)

Moss Graffiti (3:16)

Musicians On Call (3:52)

My Potato Project: The Importance Of Organic (2:32)

Mycoremediation For Dummies (2:37)

NBC didn't like the way this mother healed her child (12:16)

Nobel prize winner speaks out (32:21)

NYC Bike Share Program Helps Power The New Year's Eve Ball Drop (1:09)

Occupy Wall Street's Plan to Erase Your Personal Debt (3:27)

Off The Grid Container Living (5:25)

Pandemic News (25:14)

Pete Seeger Performs "Garbage" (4:30)

Plastic State Of Mind (2:44)

Pope Francis Praises Dumpster Divers (0:49)

Power Back On: Bibi Farber Song For Occupy Sandy (3:39)

Prepping Vs. Homesteading (20:23)

Quest for Free Energy: A Machine To Die For (54:59)

Rallying At The People's Climate March, NYC (2:30)

Real pandemic, media manufactured hysteria (01:01:39)

Retrash: The Book (3:00)

School In The Cloud: The Future Of Learning (22:32)

Secret Footage: Humans Can Do Anything With Their Minds If They Meditate, Even Start a Fire (9:52)

Sell Your Stuff. Pay Your Debt. (19:20)

Slow Life: Coral Reef In Action (3:38)

Sneak Preview: "The Big Secret" (1:13:36)

So you want to go off the grid? (02:56)

Special Report - We are making a very bad situation worse (39:12)

Spectacular Off Grid Tiny Shipping Container House (11:04)

Star Trek's Captain Picard Promotes a Resource Based Economy (1:09)

Stick To Local Food: A FUN Campaign in NY State (2:08)

Stop Shopping This Season (2:43)

Strandbeests (2:38)

Survival Kit In An Altoids Tin (7:30)

Teens Walk a Mile in Malawi's Shoes ( 3:19)

The Crisis Of Civilization: Full Film (1:17:29)

"The Cure Is...." (2:47)

The dirty Google-Big Pharma Alliance (22:54)

The Economics Of Happiness: Trailer (6:16)

The Gift: Inspiring Short Film On A Seed Farmer (3:21)

The Gods Must Be Crazy: Coke Bottle Scene (4:24)

The government war against families (20:35)

The Great Turning (5:37)

The harm the lockdown is doing to real people (12:22)

The Harmonica Man (3:03)

The Hemp Solution (14:59)

The Millennium Seed Bank (6:35)

The Most Beautiful Bottle House (8:43)

The most censored politician in America (13:01)

The Most Important Thing We Have Learned From Our Homesteading Experience (24:40)

The most polluted generation (13:50)

The mysterious death of a maverick doctor (11:19)

The Organic Garden At San Quentin State Prison (4:00)

The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in an Age of Information Overload (53:23)

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (53:06)

The Power Of Listening: An Ancient Practice For Our Future (17:03)

The Real Next World: Scientific Evidence That We Do Not Die (4:25)

The reality of supermarkets (04:09)

The scams of the medical industrial complex (34:43)

The science, the hysteria and the End Game (01:05:48)

The Sharing Experiment (1:41)

The unexplained death of Andrew Moulden Ph.D. MD (01:09:08)

The US Medical Industrial Scam Complex (12:47)

This Is Water (9:23)

Toxic building materials (01:07:50)

Typhus USA (04:07)

Victorian houses of horrors (58:58)

We Are Built To Be Kind (4:36)

What are we doing for prisoners? (03:52)

What Facebook And Google Are Hiding From The World (9:05)

What Is A Green Gym? (2:59)

What Is The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health? (9:19)

What no one teaches you about health (01:00:49)

What Plants Talk About (52:58)

What real doctors have to go through (20:41)

What Really Motivates Us? (18:37)

What's Nature's Economic Value? (16:31)

What's wrong with American medicine? (43:34)

When healing becomes a crime (21:14)

When the news media tells you "studies prove it's safe" (13:29)

Where We'll Be In 100 Years: 5 Experts Debate The Question (7:57)

Whimsical Amazing Natural Buildings (10:00)

Why We Procrastinate (9:51)

Will Next World survive? (14:16)

Woman Surviving 70 Years In The Siberian Wilderness (35:44)

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