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Simplify and Soar!

Adam Baker welcomes you to examine the classical American Dream... or is it, in many cases, a nightmare?

He and his young wife, at this time with a newborn, examined their lives, loans and consumer debt and decided to chuck it all and choose a different script for themselves.

The script they had signed up for, without really consciously choosing it was: Work, buy stuff, pay debt, work harder.

He points out that a script will "choose you"...that is society, your job or another person will end up making your decisions if you are not honestly answering the question for yourself: "What does freedom mean to me?"

We are often trapped in a life involving a series of moves that lead to having less time, less satisfaction, more stuff, more debt, more hours worked. In the US today there is 2.2 billion square feet of storage space. We store old stuff so that we can buy new stuff. And the worst part of the New American Dream? We have perfected the use of debt for every day activities. Living above our means has never been easier, or more insidious and ultimately destructive.

Heed his message of Enlightened Simplicity!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Ted Talks