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College: The good and the bad

Cleaning up after the party

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The next generation.

I like this kid. His name is Kevin Hollerbach and he's a student at U Mass Amherst.

His talk starts with a pretty amusing but also disturbing news item:

His university had a tailgating party, and surprise, this year no one got arrested.

Apparently, these days that's considered some kind of triumph of social progress. (And I'm not just picking on U Mass Amherst. This seems to be the norm at universities everywhere.)

But then his talk takes a more serious and passionate turn.

Common sense about how we use resources and how we treat the world we live in.

Kevin is not the most polished public speaker (yet), but his heart and mind are certainly in the right place. It's also encouraging to hear the enthusiastic response his talk got from his fellow students.

The next generation.

We're lucky to have them.