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How to Find and Do Work You Love: Scott Dinsmore

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Quit The Job You Hate

Scott Dinsmore doesn't believe in working a job you hate. He doesn't believe in staying at a job that's just okay. He believes you should Live Your Legend. Dinsmore's mission is take your passion and help you build a career around it.

Seven years ago Dinsmore landed his "dream job" at a Fortune 500 company. What looked like a good secure job at a successful corporation was, in his words, a "corporate hell" consisting of "monkey work" that made no use of his potential. So what next? Dinsmore conducted research, interviewing thousands of entrepreneurs and employees to find out why they respectively loved and hated their jobs. He shares his findings and infectiously positive energy with us here.

Now having found his true Dream Job as a Career Change Strategist, Dinsmore serves others by helping them leave lackluster jobs to find and create work they love to do. His theory is that people who are excited about what they do create positive change and energy that effect those around them.

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