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Real pandemic, media manufactured hysteria

$2 trillion down the drain

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A heavily censored article by Aaron Ginn

We look at the pandemic numbers in a way no one else does.

You're going to be surprised.

Make sure you watch this one.

Data from the WHO and CDC shows that virtually everything we've been told by the news media about CoVid-19 is wrong.

The article I'm reading from was removed by after 2.5 millions views.

It was re-posted by

However, if you try to link to this article from Twitter you get this message from Twitter:

"Warning: this link may be unsafe"

The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful or associated with a violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service. This link could lead to a site that:

- steals your password or other personal information
- installs malicious software programs on your computer
- collects your personal information for spam purposes
- has been associated with a violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service

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