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Moss Graffiti

Guerrilla Gardening: A How -To Guide

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Create Living Organic Street Art!

Looking for a creative way to reach your community? Beer, flour, yogurt, sugar, and moss are all it takes to create beautiful, eco-friendly art. The folks at Guerrilla Gardening will teach you how!

As a lover of random acts of kindness and street art, I will admit that creating art in a public space can be stressful. Throughout my adventures I've mostly stuck to chalk and yarn, because I would rather not get busted for using a permanent medium. I lack of street cred is showing, but what can I say? The goal is to add positivity to a space, and I might be (read: definitely am) a total goodie goodie.

Thus, the idea of growing organic art is appealing on several levels. Material cost is low, the process is simple, it's green (literally and figuratively), it can be easily removed, and the end result is eye catching. Bringing living art to a drab man made environment is a beautiful way to reclaim space; Let's literally get back to our roots!

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-- Brie Sullivan