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America's First Tiny House Hotel

Caravan Provides Visitors Unique Accomodations

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90 Square Feet of Home Sweet Home

During our travels most of us have, at one time or another, experienced accommodations that were...not so accommodating. For those that travel regularly staying in cookie cutter rooms night after night can be wearing; sometimes you just want to stay somewhere that feels like home. Caravan in Portland, Oregon offers guests that unique option.

Deb Delman and Kol Peterson have created the country's first tiny house hotel. The Tiny House Movement picked up speed in 2007 during the start of the financial crisis. Besides being more affordable and friendlier to the environment, tiny houses also offer all the comforts of home.

After fighting through the difficult process of obtaining zoning permits for this brand new hotel format, Delman and Peterson turned a small empty lot into a unique travelers' community with a lot of personality. Caravan's three units are hooked up to the city's water, sewer, and electric systems. The tiny houses range from 90 square feet to 160 square feet, but have all the comforts of home. Priced at $125 per night, each unit contains a bed, kitchenette, dining table, toilet, shower, and closet.

Next time you're visiting Portland and want a cozy place to stay, or maybe you live nearby and just want to test out the idea of living in a tiny house, head to Caravan.

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