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Prepping Vs. Homesteading

From A Doomsday Canadian

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"The Security Is In The Knowledge Of What You Know"

Listening to this video is like overhearing a very interesting conversation, but in this case, there is just one person.

No need to view the video, just listen. The "Doomsday Canadian" shares some great homesteading experience information interspersed with musings, observations and opinions as he compares and contrasts, on the practical and philosophical level, prepping and homesteading.

This man is a homesteader who relates to the need for prepping, he's getting into it slowly. But he maintains that the steps taken to actually be self reliant, although much more work in the short term, are ultimately more worthwhile in a real collapse scenario. Homesteading is a more secure and lasting route to the common goal of self sufficiency.

One very important point he makes is that we should pay attention to the Amish, who realize that only when the whole community is involved, and you are sharing skills and resources, do you really see some action.

Our thoughts exactly.

--Bibi Farber