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The Most Important Thing We Have Learned From Our Homesteading Experience

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Can We Go Back To The Land?

This video is unlike anything else on Nextworldtv so far.

It is a very frank and honest explanation of why one family found homesteading to be a frustrating experiment out of step with the times.

Of course we know that going back to the land and being self sufficient is not something most us in the modern western world have done in the last few generations. We don't expect it to be easy.

This homesteader makes the case that we don't have what it takes to retrain ourselves. Our contemporary system offered the false promise of an easy life, when we left the farm life. You were promised to be able to survive on doing one thing, a specific job, 8 hours a day. Since the dawn of that era we have not retained the skills, nor the mindset required for the enormous responsibility of true self sufficiency. We are not conditioned to live in harmony with the land or each other for that matter.

He found it extremely difficult to turn his ancestral clock, and his mindset, back to a time when society's system supported an agrarian way of life.

"Making this transition to living a more simple life has so many different variables and components to it... but our abilities have been stripped away and we don't have that choice to go out and live in the more natural way... but we don't have any back up plan."

He and his family have clearly tried hard to retrain themselves. Listen to his wisdom and observations, it is well worth absorbing.

And they are NOT giving up!

--Bibi Farber

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