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Your Digital Footprints Are Being Used

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More Than One Million Job Applicants Per Year

It handles more than 1 billion searches per day that leave a digital footprint of every person visiting the site.

This intriguing documentary offers a fascinating look at the history, the mindset, the background of Google - and most interestingly, a look at what they plan to do next.

It's a little creepy.

"It really is a data base of intentions - an incredible collection of what you are thinking at any given moment based on what you are searching for, based on what you are writing and emails. Any institution who has access to that can have power over you or potentially adversely affect you." says Chris Hoofnagle, Law Department at UC Berkeley.

And meet the man whose big idea it was to have all those targeted ads on the right hand side of your Gmail screen!

Full disclosure: obviously, Nextworldtv is made possible by Google Ads as well...

So there is no escaping Google - you might as well learn more about what they are up to!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by National Geographic