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Teens Walk a Mile in Malawi's Shoes

These Awesome Kids are a Flash Mob with a Cause!

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Creating Awareness and Raising Funds with Flair!

We can never truly experience the exact weight of someone else's suffering, but sometimes we can catch a glimpse of understanding if we walk a mile or two in their shoes. Yesterday, we shared a video about Water Wells For Africa's Malawi Mountain Project. Today we bring you a video of an inspiring group of teens who chose to take that walk and take up WWFA's cause with an abundance of creative energy.

First: a quick recap. WWFA was born when founder Kurt Dahlin took a trip to Africa and witnessed firsthand the dire need for clean accessible water. Women and Girls spend several hours each day traveling to and from water sources so their families can survive. This grueling daily task robs the female population of education and meaningful work and the contaminated water leads to illness and in some cases death. Dahlin set out to bring wells into rural areas of Africa and WWFA has installed over 130 wells saving countless lives. For less than $5, one life can forever be changed by the gift of clean water.

Teens from Newlife Pomona Youth, Grace Church of La Verne Youth, Cornerstone Anaheim Youth, and Bonita High School D-Street Dance Team joined forces to save more lives via WWFA's incredible efforts. Over the course of their weekend fundraiser participants were educated about the clean water crisis and the poverty it helps to perpetuate. This knowledge was driven home as the teens fasted, slept in shelters made from cardboard boxes, and completed a two mile walk carrying four gallon buckets of water on their heads. The weekend was finished off by creating a flash mob in a local mall to raise public awareness.

Anyone can organize a WWFA Water Walk in order to raise funds. Individuals and groups can also start a Wishing Well, which consists of on online page dedicated to fundraising efforts. NextWorld is about sustainability, and with that comes compassion. Maybe after watching this amazing video you will be inspired to start your own Wishing Well or even organize a Water Walk. Which shoes will you choose?

For more information about participating in a Water Walk or starting a Wishing Well visit

-- Brie Sullivan