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Food Choices


Start-ups And Organizations Take On America's Food Waste Challenge (8:49)

10 common poisons found in everyday products (32:33)

110 Year Old Man Suggests These 5 Foods (1:42)

45,000 Reasons to Swap to Fair Trade Chocolate (2:33)

A food additive that may be ruining your life (9:18)

A hidden poison in your food (01:01:25)

A Local Food Movement (8:19)

A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard (18:48)

ALERT: "More nuclear waste leaking from Fukushima" with Thom Hartmann (6:33)

Ancient Longevity Secret Revealed: Probiotic Jewels Called Kefir (1:35)

Are GMO's Making Americans Fat? Part 1 (6:12)

Are GMO's Making Americans Fat? Part 2 (5:42)

Aspartame, a deadly sweetener (26:26)

Benefits of Bone Broth (1:25)

Benefits of Himalayan Salt (12:31)

Brands You Didn't Know Were Owned By Giant Corporations (1:31)

Buying Local Food In Bulk Together (5:15)

Cage Free Eggs: Behind The Myth (5:21)

Cereal Crimes (3:41)

Certified Humane Raised and Handled (5:26)

Charlotte Gerson On Cancer and Disease (48:50)

Commercial Kitchen Composting (4:00)

Community Supported Agriculture - CSA (3:55)

Compassion in World Farming (6:13)

Controversy in health (08:02)

Could being vegan parents send you to jail? (03:26)

Doctor Pig (3:08)

Does it matter what we eat? YES! (02:53)

Don't heat (smoke) cannabis (14:59)

Dr. Bronner Magic Soap President on GMO's, Hemp and Free Trade (10:38)

Drink lots of water? (04:54)

During "The Shutdown" (34:01)

Easy to Make Cheese (3:27)

Eating out vegan in the Big Apple (14:13)

Edible Weeds (6:20)

Essential viewing for your health (01:06:41)

Fair Trade (1:40)

Farmageddon (7:06)

Fighting for our kids (14:38)

Food Justice (5:53)

Food Matters (8:25)

Food Not Lawns (2:01)

Food Sovereignty (4:25)

Foods That Detox The Body (2:52)

Foods that heal (01:08:00)

Fountain of Youth Revealed: 72 year old looks 40 (4:16)

Gary Null's Sustainable Farm (43:45)

Gene Bauer: Changing Hearts And Minds About Animals And Food (56:34)

Genetic Roulette (1:24:59)

GMO Farmer Supports Labeling (1:31)

GMO Label Laws, Action In Vermont (9:27)

GMO Ticking Time Bomb Part 2 (15:23)

Goat Share Crackdown: Last Farm In The City (7:10)

Growing tropical fruit in Nebraska (02:00)

Growing: Peppers vs. Tomatoes (13:03)

Hawaii Bans GMO Crops on Big Island (1:08)

Home Canning Introduction (3:58)

How Much Plastic Do You Consume While Eating Fish? (1:19)

How to become a farmer (57:07)

How To Find Out If It's A GMO (3:14)

How to get the deadly oils out of your diet (16:24)

How to make a factory-approved pie (06:00)

How To Make Homemade Sauerkraut (7:25)

How To Make Your Own Fruit And Vegetable Wash (1:26)

How to read food labels (08:05)

How To Shop At A Farmers Market (2:16)

How we lost our connection to Earth (1:41:49)

Immokalee: A Story Of Slavery And Freedom (24:26)

Is olive oil as healthy as you think it is? (08:10)

Is the meat industry honest? (03:55)

Is the the USDA Food Committee following science? (34:24)

Is the US Forcing GMO Food on Europe? (4:43)

Is there an ideal diet? (06:29)

It's official: Soybean oil is poison (09:02)

Jamie Oliver: Teach Every Child About Food (21:54)

Jonathan Safran Foer, Author of Eating Animals (4:29)

Junk food is killing us - really (16:48)

King Corn: Full Documentary (1:30:02)

Lion's Mane and mushrooms for brain health (13:27)

Local Food Trucks (2:01)

Locally Abundant: Indie Film On Organic Food (1:14:18)

Make Raw Milk Yogurt (5:00)

Martha Stewart Speaks Out About Cruelty To Farm Animals (1:41)

Michael Pollan: Eat Local (1:59)

Michael Pollan: Food Rules For a Healthy People And Planet (39:45)

Michael Pollan: From The Soil (1:10)

Millions Against Monsanto (5:40)

Monsanto Lawsuit (3:04)

Monsanto Protection Act Authored By: Monsanto! (7:36)

My Potato Project: The Importance Of Organic (2:32)

NEW - Introducing functional medicine (33:42)

New Market To Sell Food That Is Expired (0:56)

No Impact Man (2:30)

Occupy Permaculture With Bill Mollison (2:10)

Occupy Wall Street - Farmers Speech (8:05)

One Animal Sanctuary (4:18)

Organic School Lunch (2:33)

Organic, Biodynamic or Sustainable Wine? (4:10)

Potatoes - A super food? (22:10)

Questioning Organic Egg Labeling Standards (4:54)

Raj Patel: Crazy Things Considered Food (1:47)

Raw Foods Raid (6:47)

Raw Meat Diet For Dogs And Cats (12:16)

Real food, real easy (08:37)

Real news about food (17:04)

Rediscovering Preserves (4:43)

Restoring the desert/Harvesting the rain (17:52)

School Lunch Program=Disposal System (2:11)

School lunches (02:11)

Seed Swapping at Occupy Wall Street (3:18)

Simple, cheap nutritious food (09:20)

Slow Food (4:16)

Smashing Superfood That Could Put The Skin Care Industry Out of Business (6:00)

Stockpot Broth (8:57)

Sustainable Seafood (2:46)

Symphony The Hen Escaped Factory Farm During Tornado (3:10)

The "What's in Your Fridge" Salad (01:41)

The $200 Hamburger (3:59)

The (Fake) Food Industry (01:11:45)

The breakfast cereal scam (14:34)

The dangers of dairy (54:56)

The Fermentation Revolution And The Phasing Out of Refrigeration and Pasteurization (3:54)

The fluoride scam (07:16)

The Food Fight Of Our Lives (10:23)

The Future of Food (9:50)

The Garbageless Restaurant (4:25)

The Hemp Solution (14:59)

The latest, best selling nonsensical food fad (05:19)

The magic of broccoli sprouts... (47:42)

The Millennium Seed Bank (6:35)

The secret world of MSG (23:10)

The Shocking Benefits of Ditching Wheat (4:56)

The truth about chicken (4:58)

The truth about the fast food industry (03:40)

The truth and lies about MSG deciphered (35:57)

The Woman Who Started The Local Food Movement (3:31)

The World According (1:49:02)

They call it "food" (01:38)

Too much sugar? (08:21)

Top 2 Ways You Help Monsanto (3:00)

Top 5 Reasons Urban Farming Is The Most Important Movement Of Our Time (4:00)

Toronto sets local organic farming foundations (5:07)

Truly magic mushrooms (31:54)

Truth Behind Cage Free Farming (4:56)

Two Simple Foods That Will Keep You Disease Free (3:40)

UK Man Eats Only Foraged Food (1:06)

Vandana Shiva on Seed Saving (4:28)

Vandana Shiva On Seeds and Traditional Knowledge (1:39)

War On Food (2:53)

Watch Your (Fo-)odometer (3:10)

What about fish? (03:38)

What is the biggest cause of inflammation in the body? (04:43)

Whole Foods Organic: Made In China? (4:54)

Why Buy Fair Trade Chocolate? (2:19)

Why Does a Twinke Cost Less Than A Bunch Of Carrots? (1:52)

Why Fermented Foods? (7:46)

You Have the Key to Solving World Hunger (8:10)

Your Coffee Has New Powers (8:41)

Zero Waste Grocery Store (1:18)

Zero Waste Grocery Store To Open In Berlin (1:54)

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