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Cage Free Eggs: Behind The Myth

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Boycott The Egg Industry

The producers of this video and Nextworldtv urge you to see past the myths of the Cage Free egg industry.

All of the suffering and injustices are present in these facilities that you find in the battery cage environments. All "Cage Free" means is that there is a small door somewhere on a side of the mammoth space housing thousands of birds, where a chicken could exit to an equally crowded and filthy outdoor environment.

Most of them are too sick, too stuck or both to make it to this exit.

If you eat eggs, think about arranging to buy them from someone who keeps chickens. If there is no local source, find eggs at a farmers market from a small farm where the birds are genuinely humanely raised.

"For the animals and for the good of our planet, consider becoming a conscientious objector and refuse to participate in the injustice of the egg industry...Each of our choices may seem small. But many small choices added together make a real contribution toward the creation of a just and peaceful world." Quote from video

--Bibi Farber

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