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Smaller Fish = Better Choice

This video offers some good rules of thumb when it comes to eating seafood sustainably.

Coastal pollution and overfishing have threatened all seafood. But if we stick to eating fish lower on the marine food chain, the bigger fish may have a chance to re-populate.

Eating clams, oysters, sardines, anchovies and other small fish is a better choice right now, as these are less endangered.

They also tend to accumulate less toxins like mercury because of what they eat, than say tuna, salmon, and swordfish.

Choosing fish caught by line, pot or net is better than supporting large commercial trawl caught fish.

As with all food choices: if we demand to know where it came from and how it was farmed -- the stores will eventually start catering to our requests and carrying products we want to buy.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Fair Companies.