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Symphony The Hen Escaped Factory Farm During Tornado

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Only Buy REAL Cage Free Eggs

Over one million chickens were confined on a factory farm in Ohio when a tornado ripped through and destroyed the facility in year 2000. They were abandoned to die in the wreckage, but there were a few survivors.

Symphony the hen was one of the lucky ones. She was rescued by The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY and is now the oldest living survivor at age 12!

This heartwarming video tells the story of this bird, who has lived a life of sunshine, dust bathing, and being surrounded by loving people and animals instead of the cruel confines of a small cage, shared with 8 other hens in a dark warehouse.

Buy your eggs from someone with free running hens, or don't buy them at all. Remember,
"Cage Free" is a scam- it just means there is technically a small opening somewhere in the warehouse. It does not mean they are healthy birds with ample living room, treated humanely with access to a clean and uncrowded area outside.

--Bibi Farber

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