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The Hemp Solution

World's Most Useful Plant

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Medicine, Building Material, Durable Fiber, Food, and More

Dr. Andrew Weil: "As long as we can look back, it's thrown in it's lot with us. There are few plants in the world that have been as useful to human beings."

He is referring to the fact that Cannabis Sativa provides a nutritious edible seed, also an oil, the world's most useful and durable fiber, multiple building materials can be made of hemp, valuable medicine powerful enough to cure cancer, and more.

This excerpt from the full length film The Hemp Solution (1995) explores the hemp plants fascinating history, thousands of uses, the economic and cultural forces behind it's prohibition and its potential to solve major environmental problems.

"The hemp prohibition was initiated by American petrochemical companies in the 1930's to destroy the economic potential of hemp. It's a blatant case of industrial espionage to remove competitive evolving petrochemical substitutes for superior natural fibers." says Prof. Peter Dale Scott in this brilliant documentary.

--Bibi Farber

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