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Why Fermented Foods?

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Great Source Of Natural Probiotics

We have been missing out on the benefits of lacto fermented foods, because of the convenience in modern times, of being able to refrigerate and freeze everything. Our ancestors used fermentation as a method of preservation and were all the healthier for it.

This video gives you a wonderful overview of the benefits of lacto-fermented foods.

Healthy intestinal function is the foundation of optimal health and is dependent on the delicate balance of intestinal bacteria. Because probiotics help to maintain this balance, they can make a significant contribution to our overall health.

A healthy gut means healthy immunity, and when you get all that beneficial probiotic action going on, your gut has a protective lining. This helps keep the bad bacteria from entering.

Did you know probiotics have even proven to be beneficial in treating eczema and asthma?

Pass the homemade sauerkraut please!

--Bibi Farber

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